• Go By Bike Day 2016 10th Feb

    Go By Bike Day 2016 10th Feb3

    Go By Bike Day is on next Wednesday (February 10, 2016) and Cantabrians are being urged to leave their cars at home and cycle to work or school. Go By Bike Day cycle celebration stations will be set up along our city’s most popular cycle routes between 7am-9am. The stations will be set up at

  • Photo of the Day: Matai Cycleway Rail Crossing

    Photo of the Day: Matai Cycleway Rail Crossing9

    It’s great to see the new Matai St East cycleway, now mirroring the older cycleway on Matai St West. As you heard recently, already it looks like it is a popular route for cyclists. But perhaps the price of that popularity has been the recent erection of a new sign at the pinch-point in the

  • Fossil Fuel Free Coast to Coast leaves this Friday

    Fossil Fuel Free Coast to Coast leaves this Friday1

    This Friday 22 Jan there will be a never-before seen sight to be had. Four kayaks will be proceeding out of Christchurch being towed by tandem bikes, bound for the West Coast. The journey will take 6 days there and back and people will tag team the Mingha Deception walk & kayak sections with the

  • First Count Data for New Cycleways

    First Count Data for New Cycleways4

    If you build it, will they come? That’s the question hanging over many new cycleway projects proposed in New Zealand. And when you’re talking about spending over $150 million on cycleways in Christchurch, quite a few people are interested in whether new cycle facilities will increase cycling numbers. The City Council’s first efforts to answer

  • Cycling in the Wind

    Cycling in the Wind4

    While it’s nice that Christchurch doesn’t have much in the way of hills to deal with, it makes up for that by having fairly persistent winds. One day it’s a strong nor’wester, then it’s a beast’ly easterly, then a bitter cold southerly. And knowing my luck, it’s usually in my face both going to work

  • Coastal Pathway makes further progress

    Coastal Pathway makes further progress1

    Last weekend I joined the City2Sumner Ride, organised by Frocks on Bikes, for a very pleasant jaunt out to the beach (thanks Connie!). The route from town out to Sumner took in the latest part of the Christchurch Coastal Pathway to be opened. Following the official opening near Scott Park about a month ago, the



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