• Lessons from the Dutch – @Cycling_Embassy Take 2

    Lessons from the Dutch – @Cycling_Embassy Take 20

    • 19 November 2016

    Three years ago, Christchurch was graced by the visit of two Dutch cycling experts, courtesy of the Dutch Cycling Embassy, who provided lots of useful advice regarding our (then) planning for the Major Cycleway network. Last week, another two visitors from the Cycling Embassy returned to New Zealand to see what we’ve been up to

  • Guest Post: Cycling and Children

    Guest Post: Cycling and Children0

    • 9 November 2016

    Here is a guest post from Denise Nelson – enjoy! Cycling and Children Children riding their bikes is a great way to teach independence and alternate travel options. Helping your children learn to ride a bike at a young age and to ride alongside them will show your children a healthy activity to partake in.

  • Um, maybe your riding is just… a bit crap?

    Um, maybe your riding is just… a bit crap?0

    • 27 October 2016

    Many people who cycle often express concern about their safety when riding, and typically point the finger at some of those dodgy drivers out there. Given that official crash data suggests that at least 2/3 of cycle crashes are the fault of the other party, this is not surprising. But perhaps some riders at least

  • Guest Post: Would you like a bike rack with that?

    Guest Post: Would you like a bike rack with that?0

    • 22 September 2016

    Jo Clendon from Bikes Welcome has an important message for you: Bike parking is a small but significant enabler of everyday cycling.  Intrepid cyclists make do with improvised bike parking, but most prefer safe, secure and quality bike parking.  It says “[big smile] hey, you and your bike are welcome here”.  So we like bike

  • Guest Post: Trial by Jury

    Guest Post: Trial by Jury7

    • 16 September 2016

    Here’s a timely guest post by Ian Chesterman – thanks Ian! The debate around what to do with Victoria street has gone along typical lines, with the pro-biking/walking/public transport group predicting their preferred solution will usher in a utopian future, while the pro-car group is insisting that same solution would lead to an apocalyptic traffic

  • Cycling in Chch loves Guest Posts!

    Cycling in Chch loves Guest Posts!3

    When I first got involved with Cycling in Christchurch back in 2012 (has it been that long?), I envisaged having a collection of different bloggers with different perspectives taking turns to contribute bits and pieces to the overall picture. To that end, I am inspired by the prolific work that the multi-faceted team at Transport

  • Can we put cyclists through Lyttelton Tunnel?

    Can we put cyclists through Lyttelton Tunnel?7

    A post currently doing the rounds on Facebook is once again raising the possibility of getting bikes through the Lyttelton Road Tunnel under their own steam. At present, the 52-year-old tunnel only allows bikes that are attached to the racks of the buses that go through. On the very odd occasion, people walking and cycling

  • Cycling Road Rules getting a shake-up

    Cycling Road Rules getting a shake-up18

    Many of the current road transport regulations in place in New Zealand were drafted really only with motor vehicles in mind; trying to apply them to cycles as well doesn’t always make sense. New developments in cycling network design also require changes to be made to the existing legislation to reflect their usage (e.g. did

  • Highlights from #2WALKandCYCLE Conference Auckland

    Highlights from #2WALKandCYCLE Conference Auckland3

    • 15 July 2016

    As mentioned recently, I attended the 2WALKand CYCLE Conference in Auckland last week. About 260 people took part and there were over 90 different presentations, which are now available on the website (some also have papers as well). If you missed keynote speaker Gil Penalosa, who also spoke in Christchurch last week, you can check

  • New National Cycle Network Planning / Design Guidance

    New National Cycle Network Planning / Design Guidance1

    • 10 July 2016

    One of the important things announced at last week’s 2WALKand CYCLE Conference in Auckland was the public release of the NZ Transport Agency’s Cycling Network Guidance. This has been an exhaustive 18-month long project to develop and update national guidelines for planning and designing cycling facilities and networks (disclosure: my company ViaStrada was heavily involved

  • Is Christchurch cycle-friendly enough?

    Is Christchurch cycle-friendly enough?5

    We’ve heard a lot of good news stories over the past year or so as Christchurch has started “rolling out the green carpet” and introducing lots of new cycleways around the city. But I guess the real proof of the pudding will be when people are using the facilities and saying that they are happy

  • Who’s Who for Cycling in Christchurch?

    Who’s Who for Cycling in Christchurch?0

    In a relatively short period of time, it seems that a number of people and groups in Christchurch have sprung up to help encourage everyday cycling in some way. This was brought home to me a month or so back when I was trying to explain to someone from out of Christchurch all of the



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