Cycling Activities for July 2016

Who had fun on last week’s Winter Solstice Ride?! While the winter solstice might fool some into thinking that things can only get warmer now, others recognise that it probably just means the start of winter (certainly the temperatures are feeling that way…). So that means another good mix of activities both indoors and outdoors to keep you occupied over the coming month; remember to keep an eye on our Activities and Events Calendar for the latest details:

    • Go Cycle ChchWe start this weekend with yet another Short Ride for New Cyclists, on Sun 3rd Jul starting from 2pm in Charlesworth St, Woolston. Are you in the Woolston/Ferrymead/Bromley area and keen to get into biking? The team from Go Cycle Chch will be happy to help you get back on your bike and build up a bit of confidence with an easy ride around parks and quieter streets. Contact Connie if you want to come along!
    Gil Penalosa
    Gil Penalosa
    • On Monday evening, we have an interesting presentation in Christchurch by a renowned international speaker on urban mobility and public spaces. Gil Penalosa, the founder of 8-80 Cities, will be holding a free Christchurch Conversations presentation on Mon 4th Jul from 5.30pm (presentation starts at 6pm) at the Chch Art Gallery (cash bar available). How can we create vibrant and healthy cities for everyone, regardless of age or social status? Gil will explain how we can provide inclusive city building that ensures the safety and joy of 8 year olds to 80 year olds – even when they’re cycling! I saw Gil speak a few years ago in Vancouver and he is well worth a listen; no doubt there will be some good ideas that we could use in Christchurch.
    • 2WalkCycle2016The reason that Gil is in New Zealand is because he is a keynote speaker for this year’s 2WALK&CYCLE national conference on walking and cycling, being held in Auckland on 6th-8th Jul. Over 90 presentations, including a range of international speakers, will be packed into a very busy three days covering the latest and greatest of what’s happening for the active modes in New Zealand and the world. If you can get the chance to shoot up to Auckland and check it out, it will be well worth the visit. I’ll be there and will post a report (or two) later; if you miss out, there is also talk about maybe getting some of the Christchurch-based speakers to reprise their presentations in a special local forum – watch this space…
      Bikes Vs Cars

    • While some of us are up conferencing in Auckland, those of you left here can take advantage of a special screening of the acclaimed documentary “Bikes vs Cars”, at the Academy Gold Cinema, Sydenham on Thu 7th Jul from 7.45pm. Screening as part of the NZ Architecture and Design Film Festival, this is a diverse look at the challenges faced by many people around the world wanting to make it easier to bike in their cities. I was lucky enough to see this film last year in Nantes, and it’s well worth a look. Hurry though, tickets are selling fast.
    • Throughout the month, our friends at RAD Bikes continue to offer their bi-weekly bike repair workshops every Sunday afternoon and Wednesday evenings. And on Wed 13th Jul from 6pm this month’s Wheel Womyn Wednesday session focuses on the mysteries of brakes! So if you’ve got a burning question about how to keep your bike brakes in good condition (or to debate the merits of calipers, disc-brakes, V-brakes, …) come along to The Commons and have a friendly chat.
    • Go Cycle Chch will be back for another Short Ride for New Cyclists on Sat 16th Jul from 2pm, this time starting at St Albans Park, Edward Ave. Are you in the Edgeware / St Albans area and would like some help to get back in the saddle? Contact Connie, grab your bike, and come along for a friendly ride around the neighbourhood.
    • Finally, I understand that Frocks on Bikes Chch will also be organising another social ride this month, led by some nutrition and physical activity university students. Watch our Events Calendar for more details!

Will we see you at one of these events?

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