Guest Post: First Count – Rapanui / Shag Rock

Guest blogger Robert has cast his counting eye towards the newest cycleway in the city…

Fitzgerald Avenue/Worcester Street Intersection: Rapanui-Shag Rock Cycleway, 7th Feb 2018     

  • First consulted – Nov 2015
  • Construction Commencement – Winter 2016
  • Opening Ceremony – Early December

Guest Post: Biking to the Boundary – Waimakariri River Regional Park, Pt.2

Guest blogger Robert concludes his adventures on Christchurch’s outer trails:

It is hard to beat a mild cloudless windless day in Canterbury for biking, particularly at the dying stages of a southwest storm. The air is pristine, views are spectacular …

Guest Post: Biking to the Boundary – Waimakariri River Regional Park, Pt.1

Guest blogger Robert has been exploring our northern recreational trails…

As New Zealand leaps forward in the provision of good infrastructure  for urban cycling, and adventure tourism cycle trails, increasingly it is easy and attractive to jump on a bike …

Guest Post: On-road cycle lanes

Here’s a guest post from Darren who’s been thinking about his regular commute:

There’s an ongoing debate around the world regarding delineation of modes:

  • Separate different types and speeds of travellers (think: footpaths, separated cycleways, medians, rail corridors, with signal-controlled

Papanui Parallel Cycleway Consultation

UPDATE: Another option has been added in at the south end and the closing date for submissions has been extended to Mon 14th December.

Another week, another Major Cycleway consultation, it really is all on at the moment. The …

Rapanui-Shag Rock Cycleway – Linwood Consultation

The Christchurch Major Cycleway projects are starting to gather a head of steam lately; first we saw the planned details for the Little River Link to the southwest, and soon I’ll tell you about another new route for consultation heading …