• What if… cycling was (already) safer than driving? Wed 12th Sep

    What if… cycling was (already) safer than driving? Wed 12th Sep2

    • 3 September 2012

    The University of Canterbury has been running a series of “What If Wednesdays” public lectures, showcasing a number of thought-provoking and topical issues that its academics have been working on. As part of its Eco-Week for 2012, Prof Simon Kingham from the Dept of Geography will be presenting a seminar on Wed 12th Sept asking

  • Many uses for a bike

    Many uses for a bike1

    • 27 August 2012

    I’ve never liked using the stationary bicycles at the gym – they seem like such an incredible waste of energy when there is so much you could be doing with it.  Some people generate power using their pedals – those of us who use a dynamo, for example, generate power to drive lights even while

  • Christchurch City of Cycles?

    Christchurch City of Cycles?0

    • 6 August 2012

    Thanks to Spokes Canterbury for giving us a rundown on the draft Christchurch Transport Plan (CTP). http://spokes.org.nz/submission/2012/ccc-draft-christchurch-transport-plan There are lots of illustrations and a clear explanation of why walking and cycling, Active Transport (AT) make sense economically, socially and practically. CCC featured AT in the Central City Plan which was adopted last year and AT

  • The banana box challenge

    The banana box challenge0

    • 26 July 2012

    I’m sure this could become an internationally acclaimed event whose popularity rivals the Tour De France. How many banana boxes can you fit on one pedal powered vehicle and keep them there while cycling for three kilometers over potholed road surfaces? Anyone want to be part of an inaugural event later this year (preferably not

  • Bikes on Buses

    Bikes on Buses1

    • 26 July 2012

    Another reason why cycling in Christchurch is great: you can combine bike and bus trips! This evening I had to go to a meeting in Burnside. From work it was only another 5km – easy to get there by bike. But by the time I was finished I didn’t really fancy the 11km-or-so ride all

  • ICECycles free bike workshop a success

    ICECycles free bike workshop a success2

    • 24 July 2012

    The ninth Inner City East Cycles (ICECycles) free bike maintenance workshop went very well on Saturday 21 July at Delta Community house. The team of volunteers repaired 57 bikes and gave away 17 bikes to appreciative attendees, bringing the total number of repairs to over 300, and 150 bikes given away.  There is a story

  • Bikes for earthquakes

    Bikes for earthquakes3

    • 7 July 2012

    Check out this video of the 2012 Disaster Relief Trials in Portland. Quite simply – bicycles are better than cars at getting around after a disaster.

  • Advocating for Cycling

    Advocating for Cycling0

    • 30 June 2012

    Writing a submission is really not so hard. You need only say what is on your mind, in your own words. Brevity is a virtue, but well thought out points well made are also fine. In most instances you can simply email it in. Having made submissions on cycling in Christchurch for some years now

  • Reasons why bicycles are a great mode of transport

    Reasons why bicycles are a great mode of transport0

    • 30 June 2012

    Take a wee look at this blog post on the reasons why bikes are the best way to travel! Ok I”m imagining that we could argue about the “best” bit but actually they can be the best in lots of situations… To this, I could add that bikes are great forms of transport when earthquakes

  • What can we Learn from Vancouver?

    What can we Learn from Vancouver?0

    • 23 June 2012

    Nearly three years ago, our mayor Bob Parker went on a fact-finding visit to America’s “Pacific Northwest” to check out public transport in San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver. The light rail debate continues to rage on back in here in Christchurch, but it’s a pity he didn’t pay more attention to some of the

  • Canterbury Active Transport Forum

    Canterbury Active Transport Forum1

    • 28 May 2012

    Just sharing some news: The Canterbury Active Transport Forum is back! This is a preliminary notice of a forum to be held on Friday, June 1st at the Christchurch City Council civic offices in Hereford Street from 12.30pm until 3.30pm. The programme is just being finalised but a key speaker will be Dr Alexandra Macmillan, a senior

  • Christch…hagen


    • 26 May 2012

    I found this article on Public address when I was searching for ‘useful stuff’ for this website. Have you read it? You really should – it’s a real eye opener. Did you know, for instance: If the citizens of Christchurch cycled at the same rate as those of Copenhagen (given Christchurch’s employed population of 162,243, our median commuting



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