Photo of the Day: Heathcote Express through to the Tannery

Construction of the Heathcote Expressway has been ticking along over summer. Already you can ride from Wilsons Rd (near the old stadium) through Charleston and Woolston to The Tannery. Most of the route is a 30km/h neighbourhood greenway treatment, with a new signalised crossing of Ensors Road that we featured earlier.

At Garlands Road, the current terminus of the route ends with a new signalised crossing of this busy road at Cumnor Tce (by the river), making access to and from The Tannery a lot easier…

Now there’s a safer way to get across Garlands Rd…

The good news keeps on coming. Work is just starting on the section closer into town along Wilsons Rd and Ferry Rd, the scene of some contention and design revision a year ago. And, thanks to additional transport subsidy now available from NZTA, the next stage from The Tannery to Heathcote Valley will begin construction later in the year.

Have you ridden the Heathcote Expressway yet?

1 thought on “Photo of the Day: Heathcote Express through to the Tannery”

  1. I rode this today, all the way from the Tannery to Wilsons Road. Well laid out and easy to navigate. Certainly a more pleasant ride than down Ferry Road! The 30kph signs are fairly prominent but I was passed by several vehicles doing a lot more than 30 and bouncing over the sleeping policemen/road humps but I guess it may settle down after a while. I now have two good routes from Ferrymead into town and feel somewhat embarrassed – but not for long! Here’s to the completion of both routes soon…..

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