First look: Christchurch cycleways underway

Over this summer, there’s a lot of Major Cycleway action happening around Christchurch. Many of the cycleways won’t be completed until March-May, but already there are significant signs of progress – and even completed bits to ride on. Let’s have a look at how some of them are doing (note: these photos were actually taken two weeks ago, so already they are likely to be further progressed):

This work on campus should be finished before the university year starts

St Asaph St cycleway: This central city route has now been completed, providing a parallel westbound one-way route to the eastbound Tuam St cycleway. One bit still to open is the connection north to High St (although oddly you can go the other way); leading to a strange forest of yellow posts at present. Apparently the design is still a bit too confusing for some cars who have ended up finding themselves driving in the cycleway

Approaching Madras/High intersection – no right turn at present
High St approach to St Asaph – check out the new bike stands…
Left-turning cars get the red signal at Manchester St while the bikes go past

Papanui Parallel: Most of the action so far is north of Main North Rd where the separated cycleway is nearly completed – not completed enough to stop people parking in it still… There is also some new kerbing work starting along Grassmere and Rutland Sts ahead of the new cycleways going in.

New cycleway on Sawyers Arms Rd – still tempting for cars…
One side of the Grassmere St cycleway constructed; the final product will extend into the parking space
New mountable kerb waiting for cycleway works on Rutland St

Little River Link: The main piece of completed work is the new pathway along the Brougham St off-ramp between Collins St and Barrington St; this will provide a very handy missing link. North of here, the separated cycleway along Collins St is also getting constructed up to and around Church Square. Preparations are also being made for the signalised crossings at Wrights Rd and Barrington St.

Some preparatory work for the new signalised crossing on Wrights Rd
A new pathway extends from Barrington St to Collins St
This separated cycleway takes shape along Collins St towards Church Square

Rapanui/Shag Rock Stage 1: Not as much progress on this project as planned, due to delays around an underground cable. But the pathway in Linwood Park is largely complete (no photos unfortunately), and there is evidence elsewhere of preparation works, e.g. along England St.

Work underway on Buccleugh St

Uni-Cycle: The main work undertaken so far is the construction of the separated cycleway along University Drive. Work on widening the Ilam Fields pathway is also starting up. And the cycleway separators along Ilam Rd are also getting a spruce-up…

The path on Ilam Field will soon get the widening treatment seen in the foreground
The much-maligned concrete separators on Ilam Rd are also getting a revamp
The new cycleway forming alongside University Drive

It’s great to see so many cycleways taking shape around the city. You can keep track of their progress on the City Council website, where further construction photos are being posted.

Have you noticed the new cycleway construction around town?

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