Photo of the Day: More new Cycle Lane Separators

We’ve waxed lyrical before about the simple tool of putting in some separator posts to keep motorists out of cycle lanes. They work just fine… when they’re there. But the new ones along Kahu Rd / Kotare St were slowly being chipped away, either by errant passing vehicles or construction workers not reinstating them when they were finished digging up the street (does someone at Council not check these kinds of little details before signing off contract completion?).

However, a little bit of “squeaky wheel” can achieve a lot by just letting Council know about these things, so I did. And while I was at it, I put in a plug for the inside corner of Kahu/Kotare where one post didn’t seem enough. Imagine my delight a couple of days later…

Count ’em: five separator posts now at Kahu/Kotare corner

There’s obviously an ongoing maintenance cost needed for these separator posts (especially while motorists are still getting used to avoiding them). But it seems a small cost for a highly effective “separation-lite” treatment.

Are you enjoying all the new separator posts? Where do you need more? (or the old ones replaced…)

11 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: More new Cycle Lane Separators”

    1. The basic rule is that you can’t drive in a cycle lane, except to cross them or to avoid an obstruction. Even then, you have to ensure first that the way is clear of people biking.

  1. Very nice! I found so far the council responded very quickly to issues I’ve raised concerning cycleways using their Snap Send Solve app. Great to see they actually put in some construction effort as well.

  2. It’s great they replaced them and added more there. That’s on my route to work and about 4 months ago I called CCC saying it needed some earlier before the corner as drivers were still cutting it. Sadly I was told placement of first post far around the bend was intentional as they couldn’t add more because posts would prevent vehicles moving left (into the green cycle lane) to get around vehicles waiting to turn into Kahu. To me this signalled minimising driver delays was more important than increasing cyclist safety. Anyway that’s now been corrected with the extra posts. Awesome! Well done squeaky wheel 🙂

    1. I noticed they’d been installed as if by magic when cycling by a few days ago. They are a very welcome addition. I’d understood this could never happen for (misplaced) reasons of safety as Colin narrates above. Is this an instance of the left hand not talking to the right at the council but where the result is salutory for a chance? Whatever the case, the squeaky wheel does indeed get the oil!

  3. Great work! There’s a few corners up the road near the university that would benefit from a similar treatment. Do you think they could be convinced to install more further up the road?

  4. Nice work. The ones on Kahu Rd, on the bend heading out of town, just over bridge are great. I’ve noticed (when walking there) that vehicles keep about 1m out from the posts, well within their lane – whereas before the posts went in they had no hesitation about driving in the cycle lane.
    My guess is that most drivers are actually very poor at figuring out their position on the road, so these posts are doing them as much a favour as they are for cyclists.

  5. Had a proper LOL moment today! Cycle commuting to work and the 5 posts in the photo above, well only 2 remain. It was so WTF I had to LOL 🙂
    Relax though, there’s a contractor working in the road and cones everywhere so removing them was sensible. They’re lying in the gutter and hopefully they get put back.

    In Bath Street, near South City there’s one lying in gutter there. Don’t know where its come from.

  6. And just when you thought that it couldn’t get any better for cycling in the city , Ballantynes ( yes Ballantynes ) is selling bells for your bicycle this Xmas. Trendy, colourful , stylish and quirky . for the A to B biker who has everything, only $17.00 . Get them quick before they sell out , and upon purchase completed casually ask when they are likely to provide more , and more convenient bike parking around their store.

  7. Personally, I’d like to see all cycle lanes, everywhere, delineated with Rumble lines. I think they would wear much better than these separator posts.

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