Apologies – and here’s what’s coming up (or already did)

Wow, ten days without a blogpost, I think that’s a new record. Sorry about the radio silence everyone; the end of semester always tends to be rather crazy for me, wrapping up lectures, marking assignments and so on. I clearly also need to replenish my supply of “standby posts”…

(and that’s also my cue to remind all of you that I also love to receive guest posts from anyone on local cycling thoughts – makes my job easier!)

As the time wooshed on by, it also means that I didn’t manage to let you know about some of the interesting bike events happening this Labour Weekend as part of the FESTA Festival of Transitional Architecture, including:

A good day for a Lazy Sunday Ride (c/ Via Cycles)
A good day for a Lazy Sunday Ride (c/ Via Cycles)

So, sorry again to those who didn’t hear about these earlier. Fortunately you can still get along to the cycle-powered cinema tomorrow night, and maybe also sneak into the last Lazy Sunday ride (even if it is on a Monday). Sounds like these rides have gone well (see their Facebook page), and I gather that the organisers are keen to run these on a regular basis – definitely seems like a gap in the market for the leisurely rider. Watch this space…

The other thing I’ve been preparing for is this week’s 2WALKandCYCLE Conference up in Nelson. About 200 delegates will be discussing how to improve provision for everyday walking and cycling, as well as checking out what Nelson has to offer for active transport modes. Ironically I’ll be doing a presentation about using social media for promoting walking/cycling (Tip 1: don’t leave it 10 days between posts…), as well as running a workshop tackling the question of how to reduce urban traffic speeds around these modes.

No doubt there’ll be some interesting presentations during the week as well as some good learnings from around Nelson itself. The winners of CAN’s Cycle-Friendly Awards will also be announced up there. So watch out for a few more future posts about these – I’ll try to be prompt!

Is there anything else interesting coming up in the local bike world?

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