Photo of the Day: Lincoln Rd Bus/Bike Lane

There’s been a lot of transport activity happening around the city lately (and more to come). The other week I showed you some developments to major cycleways in the south-east; meanwhile, heading towards the south-west there has been another recent upgrade too through Addington…

The new bus lane ready for riding…

Lincoln Rd recently had new peak-hour bus lanes installed through Addington village. During the AM/PM rush hours, only buses and bikes can use them. Outside of those hours they can provide car parking (as shown here) together with a painted cycle lane. All this is coupled with a new 30km/h speed limit through the area as well. For those who need to access businesses and other places in Addington village, these provide a welcome option to getting there comfortably.

The Whiteleigh Ave intersection at the southern end also got a raised platform safety makeover at the same time and there are plans soon to continue the bus lanes further out to Curletts Rd and beyond as well. All of this aims to provide another reasonable cycling alternative to travellers from the southwest if the Little River Link or Quarrymans Trail cycleways don’t quite get you where you want.

Have you tried the new Lincoln Rd bus/bike lanes?

4 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Lincoln Rd Bus/Bike Lane”

  1. No – I’ve been avoiding the area because of the roadworks.

    Drivers get a little squirrelly when things in the roadway are different, and while constant exposure to quake-works helped improve that. its definitely slipped again.

    I’ll check it out tonight on the way home.

    1. Definitely an improvement ! So I went South West last night around 16:30…. It seemed at first like nothing much had changed.

      There is a narrow bike lane on the corner of Lincoln/Moorhouse, from the island intended to stop cars short-cutting the corner.

      Rocking along through the shops, I thought it was just that the bike lane had been coloured green, cos that’s going to protect us. Only then did I realise it was a clearway and that the space was almost empty all the way along. (there were still some parked cars but the parking warden was there too)

      Toward Barrington Street lights, two left-turning cars moving left into the bus lane far too early. Understandable – all they see is an empty space and a shortcut to the front. Nothing here to stop a left-hook other than the cyclist’s alertness.

      The Barrington/Whiteleigh interstection apparently has a “raised platform” ? It felt more like a misaligned lump than any kind of intentional safety feature. If anything, this intersection is the least-different to what was before, IMO.

      I have not tried this segment inbound to town in the morning yet.

      1. The morning ride in before Christmas was very similar – only one car blocking up the bike lane, making the rest of the run look even better.

        Space is still just as constrained in places that didn’t have parking anyway, down toward the railway line crossing, but 90% of the length is definitely improved.

        It will be interesting to see how it copes with a full traffic load on a busy wet school-day winter rushhour morning.

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