Photo of the Day: South Express progress

I hope you’re enjoying the long weekend and making use of the lovely weather to get out and about on your bike. For those on the western side of town, if you haven’t already you should check out the progress of the South Express major cycle route, from South Hagley Park all the way to Upper Riccarton, and ultimately to Hornby and beyond.

Much of this route has taken shape now and is very rideable; a couple of signalised crossings still need to be finalised and switched on, and there’s a section on Peverel St near Harrington Park that’s not quite done either. But otherwise much is starting to look very good, such as this section along Main South Rd near Riccarton High:

The new separated cycleway along Main South Rd

One thing that was a little odd here was the cycleway markings through the narrowings at zebra crossings and bus stops; it seems like the road-marker wasn’t paying proper attention to what is going on (see example above). Hopefully that little glitch will be rectified soon.

It’s great to have another piece of the network nearing completion, allowing further opportunities get around town by bike…

Have you checked out the South Express yet? What did you think?

4 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: South Express progress”

  1. I promise to ride it this week coming – however much is ready. Will update after that.

    Personally I’ve been riding Blenheim Road for my commute in the past year or so. With minimal on-street parking, it is surprisingly pleasant and fast, though the traffic bears watching so is not a route for the beginner. As a cyclist, I don’t like to stop… gotta keep the momentum up.

    1. It’s looking good, at least the bits which are completed.

      At the moment, few of the traffic signals are working, like MSR and Clarence crossings.

      HJR and Waterloo is actively being worked-on, so its currently terrible but that will pass.

      Russley Road is going to be awful – I suggested an overbridge or a tunnel, but that’d be expensive.

      Whizzing across Elizabeth in Riccarton was kinda neat.

      Wheelie bins are a problem, as are drivers that don’t look both ways. There were more cyclists than I’d normally see out, so even when only partwise competed, the bits that are there are already having a positive effect on numbers.

      Plenty of photos at

  2. Was that kerb at the zebra crossing a pre-existing one that they didn’t have the funds to change, or is that an intentional pinchpoint? I really hope that it wasn’t intentional, but so much of that kerbing looks new.

    1. Intentionally designed to narrow the lane with the intent of slowing traffic and reducing risk to others – eg pedestrians. Same technique used in vehicle lanes occasionally also.

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