Photo of the Day: Rangiora Bike & Ride

There seems to have been a bit of a theme about bike parking in our posts of the past week or so, so let me continue that trend with a good example I came across recently, up in Rangiora. As you can see below, not only does this bus stop next to Dudley Park (cnr White/Rata Sts) have a nice shelter while waiting, but it also has some covered bike racks…

Park & Ride in Rangiora

This is just one of a number of “park and ride” sites that Waimakariri District has set up at key bus stops along the new direct routes into Christchurch (there’s also some car parking adjacent to this as well). It gets around the problem of the bus route having to try and cover a large swathe of Rangiora township to go near everyone’s home – instead, people can simply drive or bike to their nearest bus stop (which is invariably never more than a kilometre away) and then catch the ride into town. So bravo to Waimak District for this simple but effective initiative!

Can you think of other places where some bike’n’ride might work well?

3 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Rangiora Bike & Ride”

  1. I want to say well done to the council but will wait till I see how much space is left for pedestrians to get past once there are some bikes locked up. Hopefully more space than what it looks like there would be in the photo.

    It is good to see the bus shelter has proper seats for use while waiting.

    1. That’s a fair comment. Looking at a side-on photo, I’d estimate that there is still at least a metre clear when a bike parks there, so it’s workable but not ideal.

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