Flashback Friday: Cycling wishes for Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that Santa has got you something suitably bike-friendly… Speaking of what we want, I thought you might like to muse on this Christmas wishlist (originally posted in Dec 2017) and think about what we have managed to find under our Xmas tree in the three years since then – I think there’s quite a few things we could tick off now…

Dear Santa,

I hope you and Mrs Claus are well. I have been a good boy this year, riding my bike lots and only bothering a few people on social media. Here’s what I would like for Christmas:

  • I would like three more new cycleways for Christchurch next year please (actually I already peeked under the Xmas tree and saw that you are getting me these…)
  • I would also like some more Urban Cycleways money from the Government, so that we can finish off our Major Cycle Routes (and the Coastal Pathway!).
  • Santa, could you also get me lots more new lower speed limits, especially in areas near new cycleways?
  • I would really like for everyone to get home on their bikes safely in 2018; you kind of dropped the ball on that one this year, Santa…
  • I would also like some public cycle counters showing just how many people are out there riding (heck, I’d settle for some online ones we can look at).
What could it be…? (c/ bike nashbar)
  • I think I would like another Biketober next year too, but if the elves could find someone else to help coordinate it, I would be really grateful…
  • Santa, I would also like to get lots of guest blog posts throughout the year (and lots of comments too…).
  • Oh and I’d really like the driving and biking ‘tribes’ of NZ to get along better. What’s that, Santa? A bit out of your league? OK, well how about getting The Press to regularly print positive news stories about all the great things happening cycling-wise in this city, and without any snide references to how much it costs or what Mrs Miggins down the street thinks of it? What’s that? You’ll see what you can do about the first one…?

OK, that’s all, thanks Santa.

P.S: if the reindeer ever start getting a bit too tired for deliveries, I can point you in the direction of a nice electric cargo bike…

Merry Christmas everyone from Cycling in Christchurch!

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