Photo of the Day: Somerfield School Bike Track

My kids all went to Somerfield School; it was our local primary school. That was quite a few years back now, but it is still always interesting to see what is happening there when I go past. Lately it has been a major redevelopment of new school buildings and associated landscaping. So it was really interesting what caught my eye when I biked past there yesterday:

This looks like it’s going to be fun…

It turns out that the school is currently building a bike track as part of their playground redesign, in the area where some older prefab classrooms used to sit. Looks like it will be a great little activity, with various vertical and horizontal riding skill components to it.

Although not as prevalent in Christchurch yet, compared with other main centres, we are starting to see a growing number of schools start to develop bike tracks on site, sometimes as part of a Bikes in Schools programme. The track at Somerfield School follows on from the popular one at Rawhiti School (New Brighton), the one at the former Kendal School (Burnside) and another planned one at St Francis of Assisi School (Mairehau).

Do you know of any other bike tracks at Chch schools?

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  1. Papanui Primary School, Northcote School and Cotswold School have bike paths and bikes provided in collaboration with the Bike on Trust – Bikes in Schools programme and various funds from the local community.

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