Some guest pictures of the day – the not so good…

Well I did ask for more guest contributions and, even before then, Don Robertson was in with some less-than-desirable cycleway etiquette around town:

“Thought you might like some pictures for the picture of the day feature on your site. The first three are cars parked on the cycleway in Colombo Street – and a police car driving by…”

“Question 1: what is good at blocking a cycleway…?”

“The other one is of the new Quarryman’s Trail cycleway [through Halswell] – or, as we call it out here, the sandwich board section…”

Thanks Don, much appreciated! Yeah, there’s some not-great examples out there of indiscriminate use of cycleway. It certainly would be nice if the Police stepped up enforcement on some of this too (mind you, where would they park to do it…?).

Keep those contributions coming, be they pictures and/or words. And while a good whinge is always fun, I hope to also see some submissions about all the great and wonderful stuff you’re seeing out there as well…

What have YOU noticed around town while cycling?

6 thoughts on “Some guest pictures of the day – the not so good…”

  1. It would be nice to think the officer driving past called it in and the traffic wardens made a visit and gave a ticket. The reality is more likely to be nothing was done because they didn’t even notice it was a car on a cycle lane and even if they had probably decided it wasn’t worthy of action. Most people who don’t cycle don’t understand why it is important that parking on a cycle lane needs to be stopped.

      1. I pointed out just that to a driver sitting in his car parked in a separated cycle lane. His reasoned response was that would block traffic, hence why he had parked where he did, to be considerate. He was quite serious and did not “get it”.

  2. I approached police regarding car parked on the Quarryman, and was told that it is under the CCC . Called CCC and they send parking warden, so please try that next time.

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