New Directional Cycle Signal Surveys

If you’ve cycled around the central city, you may have seen the new directional cycle signals at the High / Madras / St Asaph and Antigua / St Asaph intersections. These allow different cycling movements to be controlled separately. Even if you haven’t, Christchurch City Council and NZ Transport Agency are interested in further feedback from anyone as part of the official trial about these new signals.

The two trial sites in Chch

Regardless of whether you completed the earlier survey about these signals, please fill in the latest survey to gauge your understanding and perceptions. It doesn’t matter whether you have seen the signals, or even whether you ride a bike, your participation in the survey would be valued!

{NB: For data integrity reasons, this survey requires that the user has a Google account. If you don’t have one and wish to do the survey, contact gemma[at]viastrada[dot]nz for a manual copy to complete}

What do you think of these signals? Complete the survey!


6 thoughts on “New Directional Cycle Signal Surveys”

    1. I believe that is to ensure that no-one fills in multiple surveys, but I will check whether there is a way around that.

  1. I have some whinges:

    There’s not enough light coming out of the lights so they’re harder to discern.

    “Green means go” seems to afflict some of both drivers and riders. Perhaps there should be some significant difference in colour and shape? A blatantly square or triangular light might help as well as putting the bike controls into a different frame ?

    And efficiency – as a cyclist, I don’t want to stop. So forward-looking sensors are awesome. Some of these lights like to stop cyclists when there’s a green for ongoing car traffic, which slows me down, makes me want to take the car lane to keep momentum up.

  2. Motorists frequently turn on red arrows and this needs to be policed and they need to be fined heavily for it as I have had too many close calls.

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