F3C3 Fossil Fuel Free Coast to Coast to Coast 2019

Would you like to be part of an entertaining outing happening 15-22 Feb 2019? It will be the third time Steve Muir and around seven others will bike from Christchurch to the West Coast and back again towing kayaks behind their tandem bikes. We tag team the mountain walk & kayak sections so the single tandem rider can pick up the other person at the end of the leg. Acommodation for the 6 days is in baches, houses and tents along the way. A reasonable level of fitness is required, but we have plenty of time for stops to admire the scenery & relax a bit so you don’t have to have superhuman fitness. Kayak trolleys can be provided by Steve. email steve@cycletrailers.co.nz if you are keen to join

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