Hidden Treasures: Knights Stream cycle skills park

Many families with young children have enjoyed developing their bike skills at Westburn Park in Burnside, where a playground mimicking a street network is available for kids to ride on. Now there is a second option in Christchurch for those who want to get their cycle skills fix – Knights Stream in Halswell.

A very artistic entrance to the park from Halswell Junction Rd

In a similar way to Westburn, there is a broad network of “mini streets” for riding around. Kids can pedal hard around the circuit and practice giving way at the many intersections within the network.

Lots of “roads” to choose from…

For those who might prefer a few tricks on their skateboard or other wheeled device instead, there’s also a new skate park right next door.

Time to try out a few jump tricks

If you want to make a picnic of it while there, there’s even a sheltered picnic table nearby.

Somewhere to park the bike while you have your lunch

It’s fairly easy to get to Knights Stream cycle skills park from Halswell Junction Rd, with a large car parking area right off Richmond Avenue (you can also park directly on Halswell Junction Rd too). If you’re biking there, the Little River Link along the motorway will get you almost the whole way, although take care near the current road works around the motorway extension.

The new bike park in the developing southwest suburb of Knights Stream

With spring now arriving (and school holidays just around the corner) it might be time to take your young charges along to Knights Stream park for a bit of a play.

Have you visited Knights Stream cycle skills park? What did you think?

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  1. Hi there,
    I am part of a team at Banks Avenue primary school that are designing a bike track for our new school. We love the design of your Knight stream cycle skills facility and we were wondering where you had sourced your ‘road signs’ from?

    Thanks for your time,

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