Guest Post: Lunch Biking

Guest poster Rick tells us a story of how his workplace embraced the bike this month:

I don’t work in the CBD so parking and travel times are not a daily issue for our staff. On a normal day there is one bike in the bike shed. Mine. On a good day (usually a Friday) there might be three. Out of 20; there is definitely room for improvement.

I approached the Directors to see if they would support an initiative to encourage cycling to work. Being Bike month, and Christchurch not seemingly having a Bike to Work Day {Coming soon! – Ed}, it was decided we would encourage the staff with a cycle ride of less than 2km to a lunch of beer and pizza.

On Tuesday 13 Feb, 11 people rode their bikes to work, one brought theirs in the car due to living on the hill and not being a confident rider, and another brought 3 bikes in his van to loan others for the day.

Tuesday’s bikeshed – a few more than normal…

At lunchtime 15 riders set off for a very pleasant ride along quiet residential streets. Our destination had no clearly visible bike racks, so we piled them up against the fences!

And enjoyed our beer and pizzas…

Well earned…

Time will tell if anyone starts to ride regularly, but 7 of the non-regulars have indicated they will cycle to work again!

How many people bike at your work? Could there be more?

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