Photo of the Day: Hook Turn Signs

Although we’ve had hook turn boxes at intersections in Christchurch for a few years, it may not always be obvious on approach that they’re there for your use. So a new advance information sign has now been approved in New Zealand, and the first ones have shown up in downtown Christchurch:

A sign of things to come...
A sign of things to come…

The new signs show the two-step process that is expected for a hook turn manoeuvre. Both the Colombo St and Tuam St approaches to the bus interchange corner have these signs installed, leading to marked hook turn boxes at the intersection. This saves you having to get across the busy traffic lanes to make a right turn; just keep to the left and park yourself in the green box until the lights change.

While these are a handy addition to our network, it’s important to remember that you can actually make a hook turn manoeuvre anywhere; you don’t need a special box or a sign to legally do a hook turn. Just be careful with some of the one-way streets that you don’t get caught out trying to do a hook turn in a place where you can’t see any traffic signals, e.g. trying to turn north from Bealey Ave onto Barbadoes St here.

Do you use hook turn boxes around Christchurch?

4 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Hook Turn Signs”

  1. Great to see the new signage. I use the turning option in the photo frequently, often with other cyclists joining me. I’ve learned to keep to the left of the box in case more cyclists arrive! Intersections that could really do with hook turn boxes and advance stops for cyclists include Moorhouse/Colombo (lots of space for this) and for turning onto Moorhouse from Manchester.

    1. It is great to see the new signage. As much as CCC repeatedly seems to pay lip service to cyclists when it really come down to the practical realities of everyday cycling, this is somewhat reassuring. At least provisionally.

      Hook turns are all good and well for those who need them. In every other respect and especially when the speed limit is 30kmph, can I encourage all cyclists to take the lane and occupy their rightful space on the road, adequately indicated? Its already just fine. The more its done confidently, decisively, all the more motorists will acknowledge cyclists exist with all road rights and the better it will be for us all.

  2. I do hook turns anyway, if I don’t feel that it’s safe to sit in the middle of the intersection. Perhaps I got the hang of them from driving in Melbourne where cars had to do that too where there were tram lines. (Where you say that that picture above is ‘a sign of things to come’, do you mean the hook turn, or the separated cycle way that goes two blocks before turning into a narrow road with no allowance for bikes whatsoever?)

    1. Well I was referring to the hook turn, but the “narrow road” beyond does now have sharrows and a 30km/h speed limit…

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