Cycling News from Across the Ditch – Perth

1) About a Vibrant, Accessible City:

Listen to a discussion about replacing one way with two way streets in Perth, Western Australia and the rationale behind it.
Plains FM Community Radio Station host Bill Demeter talks to Graham Newsome, Principal Traffic and Transport Officer, City of Perth, West Australia.

2) And read Perth’s CBD Transport Plan to 2016.

Perth is spending up large on active and public transport all over the city – and not as an extra financial burden on ratepayers.

3) Perth shows best of cycle trails:
(Actually this was published last year)….
in The Press
23rd July 2012

A break from Christchurch to visit family in Perth provided Roy Sinclair with eye-boggling evidence of a city with cycling in a deep embrace.

Perth is on the way to becoming the Australasian cycling capital. The city and environs, similar in size and population to Auckland, boasts 700km of cycleways, many of them paved and off-road. The Western Australian State Government spends $4 million annually on cycling infrastructure, supplemented by similar amounts from local authorities.

And, according to the deputy director of general transport, Sue McCarrey, it’s a good investment with cycling increasing five-fold in recent years – proving that if the infrastructure is there, people will use it.

Read entire story here….

4 thoughts on “Cycling News from Across the Ditch – Perth”

    1. The Dutch approach is that cycle-priority roundabouts are generally only used in urban areas – note the tight single-lane geometry keeping traffic speeds down (can also put the cycle crossings on raised platforms as well).

      Dutch rural roundabouts are typically still motorist priority, although better solutions are usually provided for a busy site like Johns Rd. Given that Johns Rd is a State Highway designed for arterial traffic movement, I think you’d have a hard time convincing NZTA to allow cycle priority anyway. And it wouldn’t be safe to do it across two approaching lanes of traffic – you’re relying on both to stop and not obscure the cyclist (same reason we don’t do zebra crossings on multi-lane roads).

  1. Thanks Lennyboy- I am sure at some stage something will happen to make these roundabouts a little safer for cyclists, considering that more and more businesses are opening up along the motorway.

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