Is Anyone Out There?


Sometimes it can be a thankless job trying to be a blogger. You put your ideas, experiences, frustrations, etc out there for the world to see and… nothing. Not a peep of response, whether to say “hey, I agree!”, “that is completely wrong…”, “have you thought about…”, “I noticed that too!” or whatever.

From the 58 published posts to date on Cycling in Christchurch, I can tell you that we have had a grand total of 53 approved comments to date (I say “approved” because the spammers love us even more – we’ve had >500 posts so far trying to sell us shoes, handbags, watches, and, rather bizarrely, wedding dresses…). To those who’ve taken the time to provide some feedback – thanks! To those who’ve stopped by without leaving a calling card – we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Perhaps this blog isn’t covering the things you’d like it to. So what would you like to see more of? What kind of topics would get the conversations flowing?

  • More discussion about what the new “cycle-friendly Chch” could look like?
  • Info about inspiring/clever cycling ideas from elsewhere that would be great here in Chch?
  • News about great cycling events coming up around Chch (and reports afterwards too)?
  • A place to air grievances about things in the current cycling environment that you’d really like to see fixed?
  • Up-to-date info about the latest relevant newspaper reports or Council submission/plans?
  • Thoughts/advice on how people can practically get around by bike in Chch (e.g. clothing, equipment, routes)?
  • Perhaps just more inspiring pictures of really cool bikes or riders around town just getting from A to B?
  • Something else…?

Post your ideas here and we’ll see what we can do. Or if you think you can help to tap the pent-up need to blab about cycling in our fair city, we’d still welcome more bloggers.


13 thoughts on “Is Anyone Out There?”

  1. Just thought I’d reply… 🙂 I rarely comment but always read. I’m one of those wannabe ChCh cyclists – I have a bike and like cycling but rarely use it as I’m terrified of sharing the road with cars, buses and trucks! Can’t wait for proper cycle ways!

    Currently in the UK and it’s so interesting seeing how different countries do the cycling thing – never saw so many people biking in all my life in the middle of London! (and all those many racks of rental bikes were being used a LOT!)

  2. We do hear you Lennyboy . Perhaps cyclists in general are the quiet and shy bunch. From this cyclist anyway, the site is interesting and much appreciated in terms of revealing that there are others out there in ChCh cycleland who think much the same way. This is particularly when it comes to cycling infrastructure as part of the city rebuild . The best thing right now is for cycling numbers to grow as quickly as possible , so those who make the planning decisions can be swayed into bias for the cycling fraternity . Then everyone shall benefit , as we know . . This site and your suggestions … all of them … can help to spread the word and hopefully it will happen . Cheers Robert

  3. I do read your blog often, just dont comment much. As a former Christchurchian, I like keeping track of whats happening in terms of cycling. Hope to move back one day.

    I’m particularly interested in the way cycling is going to be encouraged in the rebuild of the CBD. Good to see whats happening in the burbs too.

  4. I am really happy with this blog and reading it has become part of my daily routine. It is great to read about cycling developments in other parts of the word and it is a great tool to exchange ideas to make Christchurch an awesome place for cyclists. So I am hearing you load and clear here!!

  5. The relationship between cars and cyclists needs to improve in christchurch. On the weekend i was heading to Halswell Quary to go for a walk with my partner and little girl.
    On my way there groups of road cyclists who didnt have the courtesy to keep left let alone ride single file. We found it hard to pass them, i admit to giving one a comment about keeping single file and was greated with a piss off – which i expected but still fired me up. Now just to put people in the picture i was a road cyclist for about 15 years- loved it. Is there a road rule saying cyclists can ride two abreast? have i had my head in the sand? Now days i enjoy cycling in a more urban commuter fashion, comfort yet fun. Road riders in particular (moreso recreational newbees to the sport) need to improve bike handling and courtesy towards motorists – some of them are cyclists too!

  6. IS there a group for cyclists who enjoy old school culture?, commuter and urban cruisers, city rides for causal enthusiasts who like old cycle style etc? not too cool either, slightly political fine.

  7. great blog. As someone who was born and raised on a bike in Amsterdam, I really struggle with the Chch cycling scene, and for any other cycle scene or that matter!
    In reply to Peter above: my friend in California told me that there, a cyclist has the right to take up just as much of the road as a car, so she cycles on the middle of the road so no car can pass. To be honest, downtown she is probably as fast as the (slow) car traffic anyway. I don’t think this rule exists in NZ though …!

  8. Thanks for all the excellent feedback everyone, very heartening! BTW, if you post a comment to this site for the very first time it will be moderated before it gets shown; after that you should see your comments showing up immediately. Right, back to the blogging…

  9. This is a bit of a late reply having just discovered (or rediscovered?) the blog. Great stuff, I’m totally with you on the helmet issue. It would be good to get something from Prof Kingston (?) on the issue. In reply to Peter’s question above about old school, there is a group who call themselves the Tweed Riders who are into retro, old school, vintage bikes and going out for rides appropriately dressed in tweed! I haven’t yet caught up with them in person but they are on Facebook, just search for Christchurch Tweed Riders.

    Keep up the good work on the blog, I’ll be keeping an eye on it from now on.

    cheers, Megan

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