Addington Big Bike Fixup

Saturday 15th Sept saw lots of keen bike fixers turn up out the back of Addington Coffee Coop for the first ever big bike fixup in Addington. 45 bikes were fixed, some excellent pumpkin soup and sausages enjoyed and a few joy rides had in the ‘tadpole’ 3 wheeler which had carried a lot of the workstands and spare parts to the venue. A bit of rain meant the indoor space was utilized more than the outdoor, but didn’t dampen things too much. The next ICECycles event is fixing up over 50 old bikes on 13 Oct at 310 Manchester st 1-4pm. The bikes will be given away later in November in Linwood. If you’d like a chance to learn or practice your bike repair/destruction skills contact 0210619296


Bikes awaiting your fixing skills

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