The new old

Could this be a good idea for the rebuild?

By MANIFESTO Architecture P.C.

The Bike Hanger is an essential facility for the city of Seoul which aims to increase its bicycle-friendliness. The facility is not only low-maintenance and environmentally friendly, but by being installed in between buildings it takes advantage of many of the underutilized spaces that exist around the city. Each Hanger is able to store between 20-36 bicycles and it is easily attached to the sides of buildings, allowing minimal interference with the pedestrian traffic below.

The design was shortlisted for Seoul International Design Competition: Design for All and Seoul Cycle Design Competition 2010.

I seem to remember something similar in Christchurch a few years ago …


3 thoughts on “The new old”

  1. So how does one put a bike on something like this? To me it looks like something impossible for short people without good high lifting muscles to use …

  2. I think it has something you fix your bike to and then there must be some mechanics involved to move it up high – like a ferris wheel – although difficult to tell from the picture 🙂

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