• Cycling in Los Angeles

    Cycling in Los Angeles0

    So, as mentioned a couple of weeks back, I recently visited Los Angeles briefly on my return from Washington DC. Instead of the usual rapid stopover at the airport, I took the opportunity for a 24-hour stay to have a quick look around some parts of the “City of Angels”. Given that this is an

  • First look: Christchurch cycleways underway

    First look: Christchurch cycleways underway2

    Over this summer, there’s a lot of Major Cycleway action happening around Christchurch. Many of the cycleways won’t be completed until March-May, but already there are significant signs of progress – and even completed bits to ride on. Let’s have a look at how some of them are doing (note: these photos were actually taken

  • Photo of the Day: Santa Monica Bikeway

    Photo of the Day: Santa Monica Bikeway0

    The blog posts have been a bit sparse of late; that’s because I have just spent the past week in Washington DC for the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting, a huge transportation conference of 14,000 (!) people (and more than a dozen sessions focused on cycling, with over 100 presentations). On my way home

  • Northern Line Cycleway consultation

    Northern Line Cycleway consultation1

    Hot on the heels of the Quarryman’s Trail cycleway consultation, another Major Cycle Route is also currently seeking public feedback. The Northern Line cycleway will take the existing much-loved Railway Cycleway and extend it further north and south, all the way from Addington to Northwood. Essentially there are three main bits to this consultation: An

  • Cycling insights from North America

    Cycling insights from North America4

    One of my colleagues, Megan Fowler, has just returned from a five-week study tour of North American cities, courtesy of an IPENZ Transportation Group Study Award. Megan’s focus during her tour was to look at how cycling is catered for at signalised intersections; as I’ve shown you previously, there are a growing interest in these

  • Photo of the Day: St Asaph Cycleway

    Photo of the Day: St Asaph Cycleway2

    Anyone who has been around the southern part of the central city lately can’t help but notice the road construction work along St Asaph St. A key part of this street reconstruction is the creation of a westbound one-way cycleway to parallel the eastbound one on Tuam St. Parts of it are starting to take

  • Hidden Treasures: Chch Northern Railway Cycleway

    Hidden Treasures: Chch Northern Railway Cycleway5

    Long before the Major Cycleways were even a consideration, the Railway Cycleway was Christchurch’s original separated cycleway. Following the northern rail corridor, it provides an almost uninterrupted riding experience from Riccarton to Northcote. The Christchurch Railway Cycleway was developed in stages, with the northern sections the first to appear. Slowly the route headed south towards

  • Photo of the Day: Quay St Cycleway, Auckland

    Photo of the Day: Quay St Cycleway, Auckland0

    It’s been a while between posts; apologies for that. I’ve been up in Auckland attending the 2WALKandCYCLE Conference and my spare time seems to have been filled with either socialising or preparing presentations. More on the conference and a few other bits from Auckland soon, but for now here is a picture of Auckland’s latest

  • Guest Post: Cycling in Adelaide – An Update

    Guest Post: Cycling in Adelaide – An Update1

    Guest blogger Robert has been visiting our neighbours across the ditch: It is two years since the Velo-City Global 2014 International Cycling Conference in Adelaide was held. Along with the other inspiring posts from Adelaide written by Lennyboy at the time, the impression was clear that there was certainly a lot to be happy about

  • Has Auckland Cycling turned a corner?

    Has Auckland Cycling turned a corner?0

    So I spent half of last week up in Auckland attending the annual IPENZ Transportation Conference. As always, the conference itself was a great mix of technical and policy presentations, including some very interesting speakers talking about the possible ways that transport may dramatically change how we get around; be it self-driving vehicles, Uber-like call-up

  • Cycling Postcards from Australia

    Cycling Postcards from Australia7

    Last week I returned from a 10-day family holiday to the east coast of Australia, travelling around between Brisbane and Sydney. Being on holiday (and doing most of the driving), I didn’t take too many cycling-related pictures (see a few below), but nevertheless I was able to get another useful look at how Australian towns

  • Flashback: Cycling in Copenhagen

    Flashback: Cycling in Copenhagen1

    I’ve been lucky to get to visit many interesting places overseas and have dutifully reported about these back here on Cycling in Chch. But there have also been places visited before CiC started that might be of interest to readers (especially if they have ideas we might like to try here). With that in mind,



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