• Guest Post: Trial by Jury

    Guest Post: Trial by Jury7

    • 16 September 2016

    Here’s a timely guest post by Ian Chesterman – thanks Ian! The debate around what to do with Victoria street has gone along typical lines, with the pro-biking/walking/public transport group predicting their preferred solution will usher in a utopian future, while the pro-car group is insisting that same solution would lead to an apocalyptic traffic

  • Bicycles of Christchurch

    Bicycles of Christchurch0

    • 31 August 2016

    Do you like to admire interesting and stylish bikes around the city? Now there’s a new outlet for you to indulge your cyclistic passion – Bicycles of Christchurch: If you come across a cool bike around the city, you can submit it to this Tumblr website for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Maybe you like the colour

  • Is Christchurch cycle-friendly enough?

    Is Christchurch cycle-friendly enough?5

    • 29 June 2016

    We’ve heard a lot of good news stories over the past year or so as Christchurch has started “rolling out the green carpet” and introducing lots of new cycleways around the city. But I guess the real proof of the pudding will be when people are using the facilities and saying that they are happy

  • Where should we have lower speed limits?

    Where should we have lower speed limits?7

    • 12 June 2016

    The City Council is currently undertaking their (usually) biennial review of speed limits around the city and are seeking feedback on them. Most of the proposed changes are located around the periphery of the urban limits, where roads are gradually changing their nature from rural to more urban as developments extend further out. Typically these

  • Getting those Traffic Signals to Notice You

    Getting those Traffic Signals to Notice You2

    • 24 March 2013

    Sometimes it can be a bit tough when you’re on your treadly to get traffic signals to change for you, especially when no other vehicles are around. So it’s useful to know exactly how you can get things to work in your favour. First a bit of background: Vehicles (cycles or otherwise) are detected at

  • Starting with a Solid Base

    Starting with a Solid Base0

    • 5 June 2012

    For anyone who has spent the past 20-odd months living in Christchurch, the importance of a solid foundation is pretty obvious. Otherwise sturdy homes and other buildings were no match for ground conditions that turned into quicksand when the big shakes came along. People will be paying a lot more attention to things like geotechnical



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