• Vancouver: Separated Bikeways

    Vancouver: Separated Bikeways2

    • 30 June 2012

    Greetings from Vancouver! Actually I’m about to head home after a busy week exploring the city and meeting up with many of the world’s foremost experts on matters cycling at the VeloCity Global 2012 cycling conference. The conference was very interesting, but a highlight was the chance to check out what the city has been

  • Integrated yet separated cycle network for Christchurch

    Integrated yet separated cycle network for Christchurch1

    • 24 June 2012

    I spotted this cycle infrastructure plan idea over on the new Ministry of Awesome website the other day and wondered what everybody else thought. Is this the correct layout? Do we need more? Any other stuff?

  • What can we Learn from Vancouver?

    What can we Learn from Vancouver?0

    • 23 June 2012

    Nearly three years ago, our mayor Bob Parker went on a fact-finding visit to America’s “Pacific Northwest” to check out public transport in San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver. The light rail debate continues to rage on back in here in Christchurch, but it’s a pity he didn’t pay more attention to some of the

  • Winter Solstice Ride – Thursday 21st June

    Winter Solstice Ride – Thursday 21st June1

    • 14 June 2012

    In Portland, Oregon, each February they have a Worst Day of the Year Ride, where they “celebrate” the depths of winter with a ride around town. Here in Christchurch, we want to mark the shortest day with something a bit more optimistic! WHEN: Thursday 21st June, meet at the Armagh St gates to Hagley Park

  • Cycling and Snow: It’s the Little Details

    Cycling and Snow: It’s the Little Details1

    • 8 June 2012

    The big thaw is now underway in Christchurch, and it’s time to go back to work as well. So off on my trusty steed I headed this morning. Cycling after a snowfall is “interesting” because of the potential ice hazard still lurking. Unless you have some of Steven’s magnificent snow-chains, it’s all about straight, smooth

  • Starting with a Solid Base

    Starting with a Solid Base0

    • 5 June 2012

    For anyone who has spent the past 20-odd months living in Christchurch, the importance of a solid foundation is pretty obvious. Otherwise sturdy homes and other buildings were no match for ground conditions that turned into quicksand when the big shakes came along. People will be paying a lot more attention to things like geotechnical

  • I miss the old Christchurch *sigh*

    I miss the old Christchurch *sigh*1

    • 29 May 2012

    Its been 15 months since the big Quake and the council and the heritage people are still debating whether to fix or replace the Antigua Boatshed Bridge – and find money to do it. Needless to say, if it had been a bridge for cars it would have been fixed up pretty darn quick! This



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