Photo of the Day: Quarrymans Trail completion

Heading to Halswell from the southern suburbs used to be an exercise of nerves, putting up with narrow shoulders on busy roads like Sparks Rd. The first part of the Quarrymans Trail made it easy to access the likes of Hoon Hay and Somerfield by bike from town; now the remaining section through to Halswell has been completed.

Lots of room alongside Sparks Rd now…

We’ll do a full photo run-through of what the new cycleway route looks like in a few weeks, but already plenty of people are enjoying it as a great cross-town connection. SmartView tells me that weekday cycle counts at Hoon Hay have already almost doubled to over 250 trips a day since the opening of Stage 2 – and there are plenty of walkers and runners also taking full advantage of the shared parts of the route as well.

Have you tried the new Quarrymans Trail route out to Halswell?

6 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Quarrymans Trail completion”

  1. We live close to Sparks Rd and use this trail frequently. Lots of people cycling and walking between Hoon Hay and Halswell, so good to see.

    1. We use the trail a lot it’s a fantastic addition to Christchurch cycling infrastructure. As stated in previous comments a lot of people are using the trail for running and walking.

    2. Hi! Just another question;

      Do you have family in the Netherlands;
      We are looking for Sarah van Leeuwen who met Bas in 1999 😉

      Kind regards,

  2. Loving the new cycle way. It’s extremely pleasant along that Sparks Road section on a calm sunny day! Seems very popular too.

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