New cycle facilities at Gayhurst bridge

A little project that has slipped under the radar somewhat has been the repair to the Gayhurst Rd Bridge in Avonside/Dallington. With the bridge due to reopen to traffic again mid-year, some interesting work is proposed on the approach roads. This is an interim scheme until more is known about developments in the adjacent Red Zone and future traffic flows in the area. Great to see too that they’ve been keeping a pedestrian/cycle link open across the river while the bridge has been closed for reconstruction.

The Gayhurst Rd bridge under repair

The Gayhurst Rd bridge under repair

The proposed works include:

  • shared pedestrian / cycle paths on both sides of the bridge itself (not entirely sure how that’s going to work crossing the side-roads however; perhaps some raised platforms?)
The proposed bridge works (click to enlarge)

The proposed bridge works (click to enlarge)

  • separated cycleways north of the bridge behind planted islands (hmm, will traffic cut the inside corner immediately north however?)
  • provision for the future construction of the Avon/Otakaro cycleway alongside the (southern) river bank (although the crossing point itself at Gloucester St could be more helpful)
Separated cycleways along Gayhurst Rd

Separated cycleways along Gayhurst Rd

Although it’s only a relatively short section (~150m), it’s a pleasant surprise to see separated cycleways provided in a relatively minor street (and enough width for two people to cycle side-by-side). When it’s connected in the future to the Avon/Otakaro pathway, it will be an even more useful link.

Cross-section showing separated cycleways

Cross-section showing separated cycleways

Community consultation closes on this Tuesday 21 April 2015. So if you want to show your support or provide some more detailed comment, have your say.

What do you think of the proposed works?


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  • Tony
    23 April 2015, 6:27 pm

    Apologies for being off topic. Will anyone analyse and critique Glenn Boyle’s analysis of the Christchurch cycleway business case? If the newspaper is to be believed cycleway opponents may try and roll his arguments out elsewhere – ok that’s a lot of ifs, but it’d be nice if I ciuld practice the arguments with our local board chair. Thanks

    • LennyBoy@Tony
      23 April 2015, 9:47 pm

      Short answer is yes, in due course, but have a few other posts to sort out first. And the short critique is that there are loads of holes in their analysis

  • Rick Houghton
    22 August 2015, 6:21 pm

    Used the bridge for the first time. Heading north I opted to stay on the road rather than join the cycle path and immediately be confronted with a give way.



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