Undrivers licence

Heres an interesting idea – undrivers.org in Seattle issue people with Undrivers licences at festivals to encourage people to reduce their car use – an extract from an interview with founder Julia Field…

undrivers licence

Undriving started in 2007. I was involved with Sustainable Ballard, a neighborhood sustainability group. We were looking for a way to encourage people to leave their cars at home more often. Trying to think of what it would take to do that, how we could do that in a fun and playful way. One day I just woke up with this word “Undriving” and thought, “That’s it!” Such a fun way to say it. From there it was a really short hop to the idea of an Undriver License™. So what we do is issue Undriver licenses to people who make a pledge to reduce their car use in the coming month in a way that might work for them. So they make a pledge and they get licensed. We set up our driver unlicensing station at different festivals and fairs and schools and workplaces around the area. People make a pledge, they their photograph taken — there’s a lot of self-expression involved: You have really truly made it fun. I will add for our viewers to know is that we went over to your Undriver station, got explained about the pledge and possibilities. So I wrote my pledge and you had these fun props that we could have our picture taken with. Brilliant idea!


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