Competition: Design a Bike Rack for Christchurch!

The very appropriately named Ministry of Awesome are running a competition to design a bike rack for the new Christchurch. The winning design will be made into a bike rack by The Bike Racking Company and hosted at the Re:START Container Mall!

A very nice bike rack from Victoria BC, Canada – but I don’t think it will win…

What would make a cool bike rack design for Christchurch? Something both functional and a work of art? Something that says “this is Christchurch”? You don’t need fancy design skills; just an idea and some way of conveying that to the folks at Ministry of Awesome. Need some inspiration? How about these…

Hurry – submissions close on Monday 23rd July now extended to Friday 27th July; then the public will have a week to vote for their finalists.


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1 Comment

  • Lennyboy
    23 July 2012, 12:28 am

    The bike rack competition due date has now been extended to this Fri 27th July – get your entries in!



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