Biketober Chch 2019 begins to take shape – can you help?

Springtime is looming, bringing with it daffodils, local body elections, and (most importantly) Biketober 2019! Remember last year?

The volunteer Biketober organising team have been keeping warm during these wintery months by preparing another action-packed October full of all things cycling. Want to see what’s locked in and ready to go? Check out the stunning new website

Many more events are in the final planning stages, so keep an eye on the website {we’ll add them to the CiC events calendar too – Ed} – you won’t want to miss adding a favourite event to your calendar!

We now need your help – just for an hour (or two) during September and October. Nothing overwhelming. Would you mind sharing a little of your cycling experience, your time, enthusiasm, or bike-related talent?

  • Promotional posters: these are to go up on every conceivable noticeboard in the city; late August.
  • Passport Destinations: a pack of materials will be delivered to each participating business and attraction; early September.
  • Event assistance: a number of events require a little pinch of cycling magic (like group-ride guides, “tail-end Charlies”, meet-and-greeters, etc); throughout October.

Three events in particular would benefit from having extra hands lined up early. Please consider helping by:

  • marshalling at the Biketober Rave (Sat 5 Oct, 8.00pm onwards)
  • being a valet bike parking ambassador at Meet in the Middle (Sat 12 Oct, 11.30am onwards)
  • assisting at the Biketober Passport One-Day Challenge prize-giving event (Sat 26 Oct, 4.30pm onwards).

Come and be part of the fun. Drop us a line at and tell us how you (and maybe your bike) would like to help out. Thanks!

After all, volunteers are simply the nicest people.

The Biketober Team

Are you able to help out a little during Biketober?

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