Set the world record for the number of bike trailers constructed in one afternoon

Ever wanted to set a world record for cycling? There are some described here. All you need to do is ride 56 km in one hour or 942 km in 24 hours. Maybe a more leisurely 139325km in one year would suit you better or climb 29.6 vertical km in 48 hours. For something a little different you could try cycling underwater for more than 6km or the mountain bike bog snorkelling (photo below) if you don’t mind filling your bike frame with lead shot. The one minute on a static trainer sounds a tricky record to break, with one cyclist managing over 3km at around 180kmph. The backwards cycling for 50km in 2 hours might take a bit more practice than I could be bothered with too.

If you don’t feel quite up to any of that we are going to set a world record for the largest number of wooden bike trailers ever constructed in one day. On the 6th October there should be at least 16 bike trailers being constructed out of recycled wooden pallets, but there is room for more. The record is ….. well actually there is no record to break so it’s going to be easy to set the new record, but a very worthwhile record it will be. More details are available here or email to register.

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