Stop Fining Healthy Transport Protest Ride

The issue of NZ law requiring compulsory wearing of helmets seems to pop up every few months particularly when a yet another piece of evidence emerges that they cause a lot more harm than good to the health of society. If this is an issue you would like to see debated more seriously, there is a protest ride on Saturday 1st April (not a joke) meeting at Cathedral Square 1pm and finishing at Smash Palace. All participants must be road legal.

Personally I would usually wear a helmet even if it wasn’t compulsory, even though my helmet has caused me more injuries than it’s saved me from (misjudged how far my helmet sticks up and whacked my helmeted head into a protruding shelf and got a nasty cut to my ear from the head band). I do enjoy legally riding my three wheeler bikes without a helmet on a warm day and am entertained by the frequent indignant comments from passer’s by who don’t realise the helmet law specifically applies to cycles with two wheels, not three or one wheels.

Further info on the ride can be found on the facebook page

for more information on the cycle helmet debate check out the following:

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