Bicycles of Christchurch

Do you like to admire interesting and stylish bikes around the city? Now there’s a new outlet for you to indulge your cyclistic passion – Bicycles of Christchurch:


If you come across a cool bike around the city, you can submit it to this Tumblr website for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Maybe you like the colour scheme, maybe it has a really clever carrying system, maybe you admire the leather seat, or perhaps it just seems like an all-round good handy bike for getting from A to B!

Exhibit A: my work colleague's really cool electric cargo bike
Exhibit A: my work colleague’s really cool electric cargo bike

With all the standard mountain bikes and road bikes out there, you can sometimes forget that actually there are a whole range of different cycles available that people use and enjoy in Christchurch. So why not share the love at this new website (if I can work out the technology, I might even try to get a “pic of the day” link to it from our site).

Have you seen a great bike? Why not submit it to Bicycles of Christchurch!

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