SUP Stand Up Paddleboard By Bike

I’ve been making kayak trolleys for a few years now and lots of people use them instead of driving their kayak to the water on a car, but the increasingly popular vessel of choice is the stand up paddleboard (SUP). They are flat on the bottom so don’t sit well on a kayak trolley, and are generally much bigger than a surfboard, so hard to just tuck under your arm or mount on a rack at the side of your bike like this resulting in many unnecessary car trips out to the beach, even if you are relatively close by.

My latest creation is a variation on my kayak trolley with flat bars suitable for strapping a SUP onto. I took it for a test drive in a very vigorous easterly wind, up & down a hill and over a few bumps  and it handled very well. There is space to strap some gear under the board in front of the wheels. For more info look here.

paddleboard trailer small
SUP trolley with 10.5′ board


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