Fossil Fuel Free Coast to Coast (& back) 22-28 January 2016

The idea of Fossil Fuel Free multi-sport outings is to show you can have lots of fun doing multi-sport activities or holidaying, without burning a single drop of fossil fuel to achieve it. This is in contrast to many multi-sport events which rely on lots of fossil-fuel-burning support vehicles to transfer gear around the country. This is particularly relevant to training where you can get more training in by biking your kayak to a waterway rather than driving it. Previous events have been very successful with some significant fine-tuning and proving that towing kayaks up steep hills is possible. Links to three previous events are on under publications. Now we are ready for the ultimate trip from Christchurch, across the Alps to the West Coast and back again, which is happening 22-28 January 2016.

The event will need to be done in pairs on tandem bikes, carrying gear in panniers, with the kayak on a trolley behind. One of the pair will do the walk over the Mingha – Deception from east to west then the other partner will do it west to east on the way back. Only one person in each pair will do the kayak leg down the Waimakariri on the way back while the other ferries the bike & trolley to Woodstock.  We will stay at Springfield,  Bealey & Otira in baches. Kayak trolleys can be provided. If you would like to join in then contact

kayak in harbour

2014 trip to Quail Island over Dyers Pass.

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