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With spring just around the corner, the number of fun cycling things to do is starting to creep up – recall the wonderful variety of things to choose from last summer and autumn. So, with that in mind, here at Cycling in Christchurch we have started a new feature – a Cycling Events/Activities calendar. This will keep you up to date with all the things happening out there for everyday and recreational riders, be they rides, seminars, promotional activities, whatever (NB: generally we won’t include the various more competitive events available for road/MTB/BMX riders; there are plenty of other good calendars keeping track of these). I have co-opted a team of people involved in many of the likely activities to contribute to this calendar, but we’ll happily take suitable contributions from anyone organising something in the greater Chch area that has some relevance to cycling.

What's coming up soon?
What’s coming up soon?

As an example of what is already coming up in the next week or so:

  • The monthly meeting of local advocacy group Spokes Canterbury will be at CPIT next Thursday 3rd; anyone can come along and join the discussion about how to improve cycling in the city.
  • Next Friday morning (4th), the latest stage of the Chch Coastal Pathway from Ferrymead to McCormacks Bay is being officially opened – everyone welcome!
  • Tue 8th September sees the first annual Lincoln University Cycling Forum, where a series of speakers will present research for all kinds of cycling (sport, recreational, everyday), followed by some discussion.
  • Plus there are regular RAD Bikes workshops every Wednesday evening and Sunday afternoon…

You can easily find the Calendar on our website from either the “Information” menu at the top of each page, or by looking for the “Events/Activities Calendar” link on the righthand side, just below the latest comments (there you’ll also see brief details of the next few activities). Being a standard public Google calendar, you can also incorporate this calendar into other websites or show it on your own compatible calendar app (e.g. here’s the ICAL link to it).

Roll on summer and more fun rides...
Roll on summer and more fun rides…

If you have anything that you would like to submit for consideration, just contact me with info about time/date, event details, and any useful weblink.

Is this Events/Activities Calendar useful for you?

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