Bus-Bike Road User Workshop – Wed 8th July

We’ve mentioned in the past the great initiatives by CAN, the Cycling Advocates Network, to run “Road User Workshops” around the country targeted at bus and truck safety with cycling. Coming up soon is a new Workshop here in Christchurch for local bus drivers and cyclists to get together and better understand each others’ perspectives. And we need a few more people on bikes to help…

“Excuse me…”

The Road User Workshop programme is educating professional drivers and cyclists about sharing the road. Representatives from Canterbury bus & coach companies (incl. driver trainers and management from Go Bus and RedBus) and cycling groups are being invited to participate in this Workshop session designed specifically for those wanting to learn more about mitigating on-road difficulties between cyclists and professional drivers. Additionally the session aims to address regional issues, including black-spots, and user behaviour.

A truck-bike workshop in Christchurch, Feb 2014

The Workshop will be held on Wed 8th July from 10am-1:30pm at Chateau on the Park (cnr Deans Ave & Kilmarnock St, Riccarton) in the Ballantyne Room. Actually only some of it will be here; a big part of the session involves taking the bus reps on a casual bike ride around the area so that they can better understand some of the issues faced when cycling. You might also get a chance to sit in the bus driver’s seat and see the view from their world…

2010 Chch Workshop: Checking out the view from the bus driver’s seat

If you’re keen to come along and help share your thoughts (and maybe learn a thing or two!), please contact Rose Dovey as soon as possible (rose-at-can.org.nz, phone 021-02520398). This a free event for anyone who’s interested (but you must register for it via Rose); it only costs a bit of your time (we’ll even feed you afterwards!). Bring your bike and your experiences/wisdom to help share constructively with the group.

Can you help with this Workshop?

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