Community bicycle choir Nov 24 – 30

The call is out for anyone interested in the formation of a community bicycle-choir. It is part of a New Brighton community arts project and one in a series of TEZA (Transitional Economic Zone of Aotearoa) community arts projects, during the week of Nov 24-30.

Briefly, the bicycle-choir is a sonic-cum-choreographic plot to mobilise cycling / singing enthusiasts with the aim of creating an experience to imprint the locality and sound the streets and airwaves of New Brighton. It aims to contribute, in its way, to fostering the creative spirit of NB and to support and encourage an already burgeoning cycling movement within the wider Christchurch region.

There is also a hands-on vocal workshop on Sunday, November 10th at 3.30pm in New Brighton drop-in community house at 165 Seaview Road. Anyone enthusiastic for the idea of recreational cycling and singing (no professional skills required) is welcome.

Contact Phil Dadson or check the website


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