Magpie appreciation

Haven’t heard any complaints about magpies for a while but spring is here so no doubt there’ll be a few incidents on their way. I was reading Michael Leunig last night and thought this poem would be appropriate for all those struggling to appreciate the endearing features of magpies


Magpie, magpie, dive on me,
Swoop down from your holy tree;
As I pass the flower bed
Stick your beak into my head.
Magpie, magpie, make a hole,
Through my head into my soul:
As I pass beneath the sun
Bring my troubled head undone.
Magpie, magpie it is spring
Is my soul a happy thing?
As I pass around the tree
Make a hole so you can see.


3 thoughts on “Magpie appreciation”

  1. It’s a charming cartoon, a beautiful poem (that even rhymes properly), but I still can’t appreciate magpies, sorry.

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