How to Get to Open Streets on Sunday

{UPDATE: OpenStreets has now been postponed until SUN 29TH SEPTEMBER, due to anticipated weather conditions this weekend}

The first Open Streets ciclovía in NZ is now only days away from happening in central Christchurch. A briefing occurred tonight for the many volunteers of the various activities planned for the day. As well as staffing the numerous stands and events going on, they’ll also be floating around the route, providing guidance to anyone who needs a bit of help. Look out for the folk with white t-shirts emblazoned with the Open Streets logo.

Open Streets volunteers and guides will have these colours on their tops
Open Streets volunteers and guides will have these colours on their tops

After the glorious weather we had last weekend, Murphy’s Law would of course say that this week the temperatures would drop and the rain would return. It’s not clear yet whether we might see some drizzle on Sunday (ever noticed how forecasts historically tend to be pessimistic for Chch? We only actually get 600mm of rain a year) and most activities on the day will have some cover. But I would certainly recommend making sure you have enough layers on while you’re travelling around town,as the the thermometer may struggle to get into double digits – see our earlier advice about biking in the cold. If you want to get the latest gossip about the Open Streets event, including any news of a postponement, keep an eye on the Open Streets Facebook page.

Some of the many ways to get to Open Streets (click to enlarge)
Some of the many ways to get to Open Streets (click to enlarge)

Depending on how you want to get yourself into town for Open Streets, you have a few options available to you:

  • If you are biking, there are some fairly reasonable riding routes in from most directions. The map above suggests some of the main ones; usually these either have cycle lanes/paths or quiet streets along the way. Or use the Google cycle maps to plot a best route.
  • If you are driving in (perhaps bringing all the family), there are a wide range of public and private carparks available nearby, although you’ll probably have to pay for the privilege. CPIT will also be making available its numerous parking areas to the southeast of the central city. Again, the above map shows some of the main parking areas, but more details can be found on the City Council’s website.
  • You could look at using the buses, and maybe even taking your bike with you using the handy bike racks (or if you haven’t used the racks before, make sure you try out the trial bus on display near Cashel St on Sunday). The Central Bus Station is immediately to the south of the Open Streets area.

However you plan on getting there on the day, we look forward to seeing you there!

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