Getting to the A&P Show by Bike

Canterbury Anniversary is this week and of course that means the Canterbury A&P Show is on this Wednesday to Friday. Anyone who has driven to The Show in previous years knows that it can be real hassle crawling along there and finding a park. So what about biking there?

When providing information about transport to events, biking is often left out of the reckoning. So it is to the credit of the agencies concerned that some information about biking to the show has been provided by SCIRT, Transport for Christchurch, and the Show organisers themselves. However, while it is good to know that bike parking will be available near the Lake (west) and River (east) turnstile entrances, how do you actually get there?

Fortunately GoogleMaps’ new bike route feature can help, or you can try a very good alternative – OpenStreetMap. Both of these provide information about bike routes in the vicinity, although they are only as good as the information that has been supplied by users.

To help you out, here are a couple of maps indicating the main ways in from various directions. Firstly, if you’re coming from the north side of town (click on the map to see a larger version):

Cycling routes to The Show from the north (dashed blue lines indicate cycle lanes, dotted blue lines are pathways)

(note that the Middleton pathway alongside the motorway is currently closed for pipeworks; you’ll need to detour onto Birmingham Drive)

In most cases your best bet is probably to get over to Annex Rd and then Lunns Rd, from where you can cross over to the pathway that leads around to Wigram Rd. At the new entrance to the A&P Showgrounds (opposite Hayton Rd) there is a separate underpass path for pedestrians and cyclists to make their way through; then follow the newly sealed pathway back around to the Lake turnstile.

The new Showgrounds access under the motorway off Wigram Rd (note: the new pathway along the motorway towards Broken Run is just to the right)

If you’re heading from the south, there are a few other options for you (again, click for a larger view):

Cycling routes to The Show from the south

(The sharp-eyed amongst you may have noticed that you can now ride alongside the motorway all the way from the Aidanfield overbridge near Broken Run)

Coming from the southeast, you will probably want to get to the pathway along Curletts Rd and then go in the main access to the River turnstiles:

The main Showgrounds access off Curletts Rd

Alternatively, for those from the southwest, you might like to make your way through Aidanfield and access the gate at the end of McMahon Drive…

Not quite a road to nowhere… access the Showgrounds from the west

…or in coming from Hoon Hay, you can enter via the bridge at the end of Templetons Rd (note that the path from here is unsealed and a bit rough in places)

Templetons Rd access (I hope that chain-link fence is open next time!)

Alternatively you could consider riding your bike to one of the bus services going to the Show, e.g. the number 7 route. Whether you park your bike at the stop or take your bike on the bus might depend on which buses are provided (not all of them have bike racks).

You’d get there quicker by bike, mate…

I hope that you’re able to find a suitable route from this information. Enjoy the Show!

3 thoughts on “Getting to the A&P Show by Bike”

  1. Great to see all these routes in. I went to the show a couple of years ago on my bike (as you do!) and although they advertised having bikestands – they actually didn’t and the guys on the gates where I asked denied all knowledge. Still it was ok those of us who biked just tied our bikes to the fences … Definitely the best way to get there, though – saves you getting snarled up in traffic.

    1. Yip, no bikestands that I could see anywhere. Asked a bunch of people working there and no one knew. Actually it is really dangerous biking in there, be very careful!

  2. Thanks for the info. We rode down Lincoln Road from the city and turned at Templetons Road . Very easy , although getting to the gate took careful riding to avoid the 1000’s of pedestrians who had to walk quite a distance . No problem parking the bike , tied to a fence. Full credit to organisers for the roving cash only ticket salespersons . Despite the crowds , there was no waiting . Leaving was quick and easy, not having to queue in long vehicle lines . Very enjoyable

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