A funny thing happened on the way home…

I was out and about on my 3 wheeler ‘tadpole’ having delivered a couple of huge CRT TV’s for recycling, then a couple of dozen wheels and tyres, preparing for the next round of fixing up old bikes for ICECycles, when I noticed that tragedy had struck! The rubber bulb on my hooter had fallen off somewhere along the way.  Desperate to recover this precious item I began to backtrack along my route, through Latimer Square, carefully looking downwards at the potholed path, when I notice this bloke in the middle of the square with a giant letter ‘K’ standing almost two meters tall and probably weighing 25-30kg. It turns out he scored a bargain at a liquidation sale in Cashel Street and this ‘K’ was destined to be an art installation in his flat. His flatmate, who had helped him carry it by foot, the kilometre or so from Cashel Street to Latimer Square, appeared to have just walked off, either in disgust or severe back pain. He was calling for backup of a small car which would arrive in an hour or so, but was doubtful it would even come close to fitting in the vehicle.

“Why not toss it in the Tadpole” I suggested, always keen for a new load-carrying challenge. He greeted this idea very enthusiastically and so we heaved it in, then toodled the remaining kilometre to his flat very comfortably, where it is now acting as a remarkable conversation piece for his lounge.

Sadly the bulb for the hooter is still missing in action, so if anyone has a spare at home, I’m looking for a replacement.

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