Roger wants cycling in the city too…

Last week we looked at CERA’s new Central City Recovery Plan and how it might cater for cycling. You might know that CERA’s CEO Roger Sutton is pretty keen on cycling; is that likely to translate into the new city?

The Press today highlighted a trip yesterday through the CBD by Mr Sutton cycling around with a group of keen cycling advocates (including many Spokes Canterbury movers and shakers).

“…and we’ll put the overhead cycleway up there…” – Roger Sutton paints a rosy picture for the team (photo c/ Fairfax)

It may be a bit of a media stunt, but the symbolism is important. Many of the recent city plan documents have emphasised the desire for a more cycle-friendly city, but there is sometimes a cynicism that it’s all just lip service. Now admittedly, we still haven’t seen anything on the ground, but it’s possibly a first to have a major city leader in Christchurch inviting some keen cyclists along for a ride to consider how they might actually make it happen. Fingers crossed…


1 thought on “Roger wants cycling in the city too…”

  1. There is an definitely a unique opportunity for Christchurch to become a green modern liveable city with an important role for cycling and other forms of active transport. And there seems to be consensus that this is what needs to happen. But a real commitment can only be made by setting clear milestones for achieving these goals. I would like to see these wonderful ideas translated into action so that it will make a difference in our daily lives because that is what is all about.

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