Fossil Fuel Free Coast to Coast to Coast Update

The world’s first ever fossil fuel free coast to coast to coast happened in January 2016. Eight people towed four kayaks behind three tandem and two single bicycles from Christchurch to Arthur’s Pass, then on to the West Coast and returned again to Christchurch over seven days. The purpose was to have some fun, raise awareness of climate change and to encourage the use of active transport for as many journeys as possible, particularly those journeys that involve carrying loads and are made regularly, like commuting, shopping or training for multisport events.

The participants were mostly involved with the ICECycles free bike maintenance group in Christchurch, who encourage more people to bike by fixing and giving away bikes to people on low incomes. Steve Muir made the kayak trolleys to tow the kayaks and he also makes low cost, custom designed cycle trailers for shopping and general load carrying.

The team faced almost constant head winds, dehydration, hypothermia, severe weather warnings, flooded rivers, a funeral of a close relative and a wife’s hip operation. The extreme circumstances did result in a little fossil fuel being used, so a plan is being hatched to repeat it next year under more favorable conditions. In spite of the difficulties faced, the team had an enjoyable time and dealt with the conditions admirably.

For the full report with lots of photos click here

For you tube video click here

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