Fossil Fuel Multisport #3 Quail Island 23rd July

The third ever fossil fuel free multisport is planned for 23rd July, leaving 8am from central city. Participants will tow a kayak behind their bike up Dyers Pass Rd & down into Cass Bay. From there they kayak to Quail Island, go for a walk, then return. It is anticipated to take 6-7 hrs at a leisurely pace. Kayak trolleys may be borrowed from Steve Muir A previous foray to Victoria Park showed it was quite manageable to tow a kayak up a steep hill & get safely down again. The trip will depend on nice weather. DSCN4805

1 thought on “Fossil Fuel Multisport #3 Quail Island 23rd July”

  1. I like the concept however the chosen route is bound to cause cyclist vs motorist conflict far more than it encourages environmentally friendly transport. Alternative route to perhaps estuary, Cam River, Pegasus, etc would be more suitable?

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