Adelaide Cycle Training Park

One more last post about my recent visit to Adelaide: on one of our field-trip rides we came across this amazing facility in Bonython Park.

What have we here – a little mini traffic world…

Now I’ve always thought our own local bike training area at Westburn Park is pretty neat (and it is one of the most requested search items on this website). But this site was even more scaled up to cater for lots of bikes, and even had features like working traffic signals.

Just like the real thing…

This facility is operated by the South Australia Police for school cycle skills training, with the new bike park being opened only a year ago. Next to the training park is a building where the Police road safety & bike skills staff can deliver training to schools. The neat thing however is that the general public can come and use the bike park any time it’s not being used for training classes.

A multi-use public and private facility

I gather that Christchurch City Council is looking at building another bike training park over in Bexley. Perhaps they should look at places like this for a bit of inspiration…

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