Webinar: The Business Case for Improving Cycling Infrastructure – 20 Nov

Kelly Brough
Kelly Brough

A very useful event is coming up, thanks to the efforts of some of our cycling friends in Dunedin and elsewhere around the country. Kelly Brough, President and CEO of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce (Colorado USA), has agreed to present a 1-Hour Webinar exclusively for a Kiwi audience this Wednesday 20th November at 12 noon.

A webinar is simply a live online presentation where people from all around the world can sit in and watch/listen to someone remotely, as well as ask questions of the presenters. If you have a computer with audio and an internet connection then you are set to take part!

When talking about moving forward with a positive cycling agenda, it important to have a range of community and business leaders not just on board, but partners in the journey. Helping people understand why cycling is good for business is part of that process. That is why SPOKES Dunedin and the University of Otago School of Business Department of Marketing are partnering to make this Webinar happen (based on an earlier one scheduled for US time-zones). There is no cost for this webinar and all persons and groups are welcome to join in.

A "Bike Corral" from Portland - a much more efficient form of customer parking
A “Bike Corral” from Portland – very good for local businesses

We’re starting to get some NZ research on how car parking right outside the door is not the only way to attract shoppers (despite what retailers seem to think). In this webinar you can hear about some of the cycling success stories from North America. Learn how cycling can help businesses thrive in today‚Äôs competitive economies.

You can RSVP ahead of time so that the organisers have some idea of attendees. If you’re not sure whether your technology is up to it, you can also run a computer pre-test ahead of time (a microphone and either speakers or headphones will come in handy). There is also a Facebook page for this event; that’s a good place to write in questions ahead of time by posting pre-webinar comments.

Finally on the day you can click here to join the webinar (http://tinyurl.com/lymh9dh) at noon and soak it all up…

Hope to see you online!

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