Bubble Machine Bike Trailer

I’ve put a lot of loads on bike trailers over the years but few have generated as much interest and fun as the bubble machine. It was used for Open Streets 29/9/13 and consisted of a 230V fan and motor that slowly rotated an array of bubble hoops through a bath of bubble liquid resulting in streams of bubbles flowing out from behind the trailer. It was driven from a sealed lead acid battery and an inverter with a remote 230V on off plug which unfortunately suffered from exposure to bubble mix & blew up. Next time I will need to fit slosh guards as too much bubble mix spilled out into the plastic bin below (which was reused). Bulk bubble mix can currently only be purchased from Auckland and costs a lot to be sent down, so if anyone is looking for a business opportunity – locally produced bubble liquid could be it. It’s certainly a very good addition to any cycling festival.

BUBBLES CLOSEUPbubbles worchester stbubbles in square small


2 thoughts on “Bubble Machine Bike Trailer”

  1. Your bubble machine was at hit at Open Streets!
    Tap water and a good measure of dishwashing liquid will make the best ever bubble liquid 😉

  2. My 2 sons (the wee ones in the first photo, on bikes with white seats) loved it, followed it most of the way around the bicycle parade.

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